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Day 1 (Thursday)
08:45Welcome and Keynotes
OSCW Organizing Team
Rolf Densing, Director, ESA-ESOC
Pierros Papadeas, Libre Space Foundation
Frank Zeppenfeldt, ESA-ESTEC
Artur Scholz, LibreCube Initiative
Guruditya Sinha, TeamIndus
Session 1 (Chair: Elena Ancona, Artur Scholz)
10:00Astrodynamics.jl: An Open-Source Framework for Interactive High-Performance Mission Analysis
Helge Eichhorn, Telespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH, Germany
10:20poliastro: an Astrodynamics library written in Python
Juan Luis Cano, private, Spain
10:40DOCKS at Paris Observatory's Space Center
Boris Segret and Sébastien Durand, Paris Observatory, France
11:00Open Sourcing a Modular and Maintainable CubeSat Software
Alexander Lill, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Session 2 (Chair: Mario Castro de Lera, Elena Ancona)
11:40Integrated Satellite Software Framework to Realize High Compatibility among On-board, Simulation, and Ground Station
Satoshi Ikari, University of Tokyo, Japan
12:00Reusable and Multi-Platform Onboard Software Architecture for Satellites
Shintaro Nakajima, University of Tokyo, Japan
12:20UPSat - An overview of the first open source satellite
Pierros Papadeas, Libre Space Foundation, Greece
13:00ESOC Tour Group A & B & C (45 min)
13:45ESOC Tour Group D & E (45 min)
14:30HW/SW Demos & Posters
Session 3 (Chair: Ivan Aksenov, Pablo Ruiz Sanchez)
15:30RODOS: an open source, light weight, real-time operating system
Christian Feichtinger, Part-Time-Scientists GmbH, Germany
15:50UNISEC Europe – An Efficient Electrical Interface Open Source Standard for CubeSats
Stephan Busch, Zentrum für Telematik, Germany
16:10HyperSat – new standard for open hardware/software microsatelite platform
Tomasz Zawistowski, Creotech Instruments S.A., Poland
17:45Wrap Up (15 min)
18:30Lasertag (1 hour)
20:00Dinner (German Restaurant)

Day 2 (Friday)
09:00Morning Call
Session 4 (Chair: Ivan Aksenov, Mario Castro de Lera)
09:10Laser setup for generating single event effects in COTS CMOS components
Hannes Zöllner, University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany
09:30CubeSat, 3D Printing & COTS
Ezequiel Molina and Marco Alvarez Reyna, National Technological University, Córdoba, Argentina
09:50A New Method for Systematic Requirement Reviewing
Florian Schummer, Technical University of Munich, Germany
10:10Software defined CubeSat development
Claas Ziemke, private, Germany
Session 5 (Chair: Artur Scholz, Ivan Aksenov)
10:50Ground Station One: an open source toolkit for managing CubeSats operation
Mario Baldini, NanoRaven, France
11:10SatNOGS - Open Source Ground Station Network
Nikos Roussos and Fredy Damkalis, Libre Space Foundation, Greece
11:30Use of Open Source Software in the University of Stuttgart’s Small Satellite Mission Flying Laptop
Nico Bucher, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Session 6 (Chair: Redouane Boumghar, José Feiteirinha)
12:00Collaborative open hardware development: lesson learned from PQ9
Stefano Speretta, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
12:20An Open Source CubeSat Inspired me to Inspire Others
Joseph Hinchliffe, private, UK
12:35Pitch Talks
13:45HW/SW Demos & Posters
Session 7 (Chair: José Feiteirinha, Daniel Lee)
14:30Development of Open Source Pico- Satellite “PocketQube” and using SatNOGS for Ground-Station
Saurav Paudel, ORION Space, Nepal
14:50Feedback of an open source approach in space environment analysis
Amandine Champlain, Artenum, France
15:10Processing complex data at the Edge of constrained environments, such as Space
Alison Lowndes, NVIDIA, UK
17:00Wrap Up and Closing (30 min)