Open source software and hardware is raising in popularity and acceptance on all areas of life, even in space exploration! The Open Source Cubesat Workshop was created to promote the open source philosophy for CubeSat missions and further connect people and encourage sharing of open knowledge in the space domain.

  1. The first edition of the workshop took place at the ESA’s European Space Operations Center (ESOC).
  2. The second edition of the workshop took place at ESA’s European Space Astronomy Center (ESAC).
  3. The third edition of the workshop was hosted by the Libre Space Foundation in the heart of Athens, Greece.
  4. The fourth edition of the workshop was to take place at the Center for Astrophysics (Harvard & Smithsonian), but a pandemic happened; so we are hosting the event online (start by joining the all-year-round discussions here).

CubeSats have proven to be an ideal tool for exploring news ways of doing space missions: therefore let’s remove the barrier of confidentiality and secrecy, and start to freely share knowledge and information about how to build and operate CubeSats. This workshop provides a forum for CubeSat developers and CubeSat mission operators to meet and join forces on open source projects to benefit from transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration and community.

The focus of this year’s workshop is on space science open data: how to obtain, process, distribute, and benefit from openly shared space science data and what positive impact this can have for science community, business and society. The target audience of this workshop is academia, research institutes, companies, and individuals (in short, anyone motivated).